Saturday, February 7, 2009


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have sometimes a strong nasal sound.
This sound for the want of proper
type, cannot be indicated.

3 In the names given to the conso-
nants, the sound of the vowel is al-
ways heard after the consonant; which
is not always the case in their En-
glish sound; the name, however, does
not alter the power of the character.

The reason why this has been done,
is, all words, in Ioway, end with a
vowel sound; and, in most cases the
syllables. Hence the propriety of the



1 - In reading, or pronouncing words,
it may be necessary for the learner to
spell, as in English; in that case, the
consonant may be called by its own
appropriate name; but a little practice
will enable him to place the organs of
speech in such a position as if he were
about to pronounce the consonant, or
consonants that may precede the vowel,
and the pronunciation of the vowel will
give the correct sound.

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